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Come for the lifestyle...stay for a lifetime.


Bay Colony Golf Club membership is about celebrating life with a remarkable collection of extraordinary individuals who share similar values, beliefs, lifestyles, accomplishments and experiences. The Club and the course are without equal, but it is the people that make Bay Colony Golf Club special.

Our members golf together, eat lunch and dinner together, entertain together, vacation together, run boards and charitable organizations together and celebrate holidays and life milestones together. It is a beautiful story of lives interwoven and bound together through membership in Bay Colony Golf Club.

Membership in Bay Colony Golf Club is exclusive to 300 Equity Golf Members and 45 Social Members. Unlike larger clubs that may cater to the masses, at Bay Colony Golf Club, members are known by name and not a number.  Members enjoy highly personalized service, an extraordinary level of privacy, the most tastefully refined indulgences, and year-round access to the clubhouse and course. Dream of a place where every visit is charmed and you are recognized and welcomed like family each and every time…. This is Bay Colony Golf Club.

Word of mouth is golden...listen to what our members have to say:

From the first time I set foot on Bay Colony Golf Club property I knew it was a very special place…

- J. Abruzzese, Member since 2010

We felt wanted and welcomed. Members stopped to introduce themselves to us and the staff knew our names....we are so happy that we joined when we did!

- B. Maher, Member since 2014

Joining Bay Colony Golf Club was one of the best decisions we've ever made.

- F. Moosally, Member since 2013

I'm on the board of a club up north, belong to a club out east, but Bay Colony Golf Club is off the charts! Best club of all. I love the people here.

- J. Scaminace, Member since 2009

A very memorable experience... every aspect of service is amazing. The course is in pristine shape...spectacular food and beverage...What a wonderful club to be associated with.

- S. Hamilton, Member since 2013

I belong to multiple clubs from Colorado to North Carolina, but there is nothing like Bay Colony Golf Club, it is the best. It's the food, the service, the people. The members of this club are amazing. The best out of anywhere.

- K. Lewis, Member since 2011

Joining Bay Colony Golf Club changed my life!

- G. Franks, Member since 2003

On a tier all its own, Bay Colony Golf Club membership represents one of the finest opportunities to golf, dine, entertain and engage in lifelong relationships with 300 of the most interesting people you will ever wish to meet. The extraordinary attracts the extraordinary….Why haven't we met you?

Allow me to introduce you to the exquisite Bay Colony Golf Club lifestyle. Please contact me for membership details or to arrange your personalized visit to the Club.   

Contact Tammy Mercer, Director of Marketing & Membership Sales 
(239) 449-4564 or